Torchlight Infinite Is Out Today, People

Out of beta.

Torchlight Infinite is out today along with the new season; Cube of Rapacity. The launch brings with it a new hero dubbed Escapist Bing while also adding in the hero trait Incarnation of the Gods for Thea.

The theme of the season presents itself as you play. Incarnation mobs invade the stage as you go about your normal daily business of killing mobs, eating taco, and grinding gear. Those mobs have a chance of dropping desire crystals that cannot be spent at your local grocer, but can be spent on the Cube of Rapacity (coming full circle) that spawns when you defeat the stage boss.

You can spend with the cube, but don’t be too greedy or the cube will punish you and destroy any unclaimed rewards. It’s like Don’t Wake Daddy but your dad is a cube. Desire cores can also be obtained to gain access to the season boss The Law Bearer.

There’s also a bunch of onboarding mechanics for new players to help them out. Prototype processing allows you to re-roll stats on your gear while targeted processing allows you to revert crafting results at a cost. There are also rookie builds to help players get started on the right path.

Check out this interview with David Brevik.

And here’s the trailer for the new hero.


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