Krafton Made Lods of Emone In Q1

All things considered.

Krafton, star-studded developers of PUBG Battlegrounds and Callisto Protocol, had a good quarter this quarter. In a press release issued today, the developer noted its first quarter sales amounted to $407 million USD with $214 million labeled as operating profit and $202 million as net profit.

The free to play battle royale shooter PUBG hit a record height with 68% growth year over year on PC. Interestingly PC sales account for 33% with the consoles making up the remaining amount. The goal as stated in the press release is to continue making money and attempt to avoid making less money through a strategy of supporting and updating the game so people have a reason to continue playing.

Meanwhile on mobile, Krafton is enjoying success thanks to the launch of World of Wonder, a sandbox building mode for PUBG. Players can look forward to more brand deals coming to PUBG Mobile thanks to the success of prior crossover promotions.

The release notes that Krafton is working on “deep learning technologies” to shorten game development time and implement features faster, as well as researching into implementing more cooperative driven games.

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