Diaries From The Fortnite: Big Steak Hoagie

First week into the new season.

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Fortnite Launches Chapter 4 Season 2


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Mobility: Torchlight Infinite Drops Season 2

Adds new hero.

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Fortnite Kills Building This Season

All battle, no building.

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Aliens: Fireteam Elite Announces Season 2

Launches December 14.

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Defiance Season 2 Premieres Tomorrow

Defiance 2013-04-10 21-41-09-94

Defiance season 2 premieres tomorrow on Syfy, but you can get into the action now with new crossover missions in the Defiance game.

Nolan has returned to Paradise in new crossover content leading into the Season 2 TV debut! Log in today and learn more about Nolan’s search for Irisa as you help him track clues and investigate a Votan trafficking ring in the New Frontier.

Check out Defiance season 2 tomorrow night at 9pm est in the United States, 10pm EST in Canada.

Go Back And Revisit Old Events In Guild Wars 2


To date, Arenanet has introduced more than two dozen living world updates to Guild Wars 2. The feature is great, for those of you who can keep up with it. For others, missing a week or two due to real world obligations or simply taking a hiatus means missing out on rewards and the world’s ongoing evolution. Thankfully this is set to change for (most) affected players. Beginning with the launch of Season 2 on July 1st, as long as a player is able to log in during the two week period, they are able to “bank” the living world to return to at any time after. If you aren’t able to log in during the period, you are still able to access the content for a small fee of in-game currency.

“The Living World exists to drive the story of Guild Wars 2 forward and create a sense of speculation, wonder, and intrigue around the world of Tyria and its characters. We want to create the feeling that anything in Tyria can change and get players looking forward to what might happen next. A natural system that provides story and context for these changes makes sense when we regularly expand the experiences in our game”.

Season 1 will not be included at the launch of the new journal, as it was not built with the journal in mind, but Arenanet hopes to add it in at some point in the future. Season 2 will move away from the concept of meta-achievements entirely, replaced with story-mode achievements accompanied by open world event achievements with each step.

(Source: Arenanet Press Release)

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