Diaries From The Fortnite: Big Steak Hoagie

First week into the new season.

I’m very much aware of how my sense of time has become warped over the last few years. I was all ready to go in and talk about how my experience was with Fortnite with the season being a few weeks in, but it just launched ten days ago. Maybe it’s because the season launched on a Friday that it’s all throwing me off. I don’t know.

Season 2 of Fortnite is here and you know what that means; in with the old, out with the old, in with the new. The lower right corner of the map has been completely renovated into a neo-Tokyo city with vibrant lights and grind rails. You can grind now, and I’m not talking about the kind of grinding you nerds normally watch Fortnite characters do. Turn that stuff off.

Season 1’s story revolved around The Oathbound faction and its rule of the island. The Ageless Champion, the boss that survived through the whole season, created a rift gate that in the final moments was sabotaged. This lead to a multitude of rifts opening up and bringing in the new landmarks as well as crushing Faulty Splits. Poor Faulty Splits, but someone has to be destroyed now that Tilted Towers is no longer on the map.

The big faction this season is the Peace Syndicate, that has actually been on the island going as far back as Chapter 3 Season 2. They are looking for the player to assist in an upcoming war with The Last Reality, bad guys who have been working behind the scenes and up front for the entirety of the game’s existence pretty much. Blah blah blah, story stuff.

What’s really important here is that the shockwave hammer is damn gone from the game only to be replaced with the kinetic blade. A relatively less annoying weapon than its predecessor, the kinetic blade still makes for some great melee kills and more annoyingly for your enemies to have a chance to just zip away. Fortnite always be looking for new ways to introduce player movement.

It’s definitely a weapon that has lost its luster since launch as players are more accustomed to its movements and figured out how to counter it. It’s basically like Deku’s Punch, the build-up for the long-ranged attack being long enough that a skilled shooter will probably have you dead before it kicks in.

Astoundingly and against all odds, I’m actually caught up on the seasonal quests so far. Currently level 24 on my character and making my way easily toward that level 200 finishing line by the end of these three months.

My favorite addition of the season so far has definitely been the suppressed assault rifle and the slurp juice. The assault rifle being a mad powerhouse that just cuts people down at decent range, and the legendary slurp juice being something that continuously refills your health and armor even while in the storm at a rate of six per second for 20 seconds. A real life saver, especially toward end-game.


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