Wild Terra 2 Will Improve Fishing

It’s not that great.

Fishing in Wild Terra 2 has since the game’s inception been not so great. It is barely explained on how it works, where you need to fish, the best ways to fish, and often seems to be just completely broken with how poorly explained it is. If you don’t like fumbling in the dark trying to figure out how to fish in Wild Terra 2, then boy howdy do I have good news.

The folks at Juvty are actually fixing it.

Sure it’s been a good couple of years, but it’s finally time to fix the old shed. In an update, Juvty Worlds revealed that fishing will receive a much needed overhaul. Fishers can expect a new interface with early fish being easier to catch, as well as new quests, new fishing species, new recipes, and exotic items to collect as well and use in their own crafting doodads.

When is the update coming? Not today, and not tomorrow, but in the next update. More details to come.

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