Hotcakes: Square Enix Prepping For Failure

Company has no confidence in its NFT games.

Square Enix is preparing itself for failure, and preparing us for its failure, and nothing showcases that quite like the trailer for Symbiogenesis. The trailer released on March 13 and the website launched today, detailing what Symbiogenesis actually is. And what is it? A big ass scam.

The website explains that Symbiogenesis is a “completely new form of NFT-based entertainment, where 10,000 collectible artworks meet real game utility.” That’s a long way to say “it’s a scam.” The game genre is “Narrative-unlocked NFT entertainment”. What does that mean? It’s a scam. It means it’s not a game. You tap on the screen to find stuff and then use that stuff to find other stuff.

How idiotic is the FOMO in Symbiogenesis? The website says that “Only 3 players will be able to take part in the final mission.” The website is genuinely painful to read through as Square Enix tries to explain how this “game” is functional, let alone fun. There’s a whole playstyle section that talks about player styles, the ratio of “monopolize” to “share” and what content those players can access.

I dare you to try to read through it without your eyes glazing over. One section points out that players can create original characters, which are NFTs bought with real money, but those original characters can then create replica mints that aren’t on the Etherium blockchain but on Polygon and who don’t have the same benefits as an original blah blah blah. There is a species in this game called “normies.”

How do I know Square Enix has no confidence in Symbiogenesis? The company has gone through the process of specifically disabling all likes/dislikes on the trailer video. Square Enix knows that the greater market doesn’t like this trash, games that barely qualify as games whose sole existence is convincing people that worthless images have real world value.

It tries to convince people to hold on to their “investment” as long as possible in the hopes of staving off the inevitable crash in value as the pump and dump reaches the dump part of the scam.

Symbiogenesis will have 10,000 NFT characters sold because 10,000 is the number all the scam games have set their sights on. At its core Symbiogenesis is a browser flash game that someone in 2007 would have uploaded to Newgrounds that you could play for free. The major difference is that those Newground games never scammed anyone into spending real money on their jpegs.

But you’ll be able to unlock the mystery of a world you don’t care about with its 10,000 cookie cutter “unique” characters. The art style for characters is terrible, completely uninspired and basically the same character with miniscule changes in their appearance. The characters look far worse than even most of Square Enix’s other titles.

Symbiogenesis is a scam. It is not being developed with any intent of creating a good game or something fun for people to play. The core is about selling people on soon-to-be-worthless jpegs in a soulless mobile game with the idea of gameplay being mere lip service. The market will consist of NFT bros looking to make a quick buck on their investments while on break at the Papa John’s pizza job they took after their investments got stuck in yet another rug pull. It’s coming out in an industry that isn’t so much dying as it is a dried corpse in the middle of the desert.

Square Enix really sold off some of their best IPs and are putting this trash out instead. What a world.

Otherwise I have no opinion on the matter.

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