Mobility: Torchlight Infinite Drops Season 2

Adds new hero.

Torchlight Infinite is dropping season 2, by which I mean it’s already live by the time you read this. Season 2 of the PC/mobile ARPG introduces the new hero Cateye Erika. Erika fights using agility and speed. She can be unlocked this season by purchasing the season pass for $15 and having her unlocked on day one.

Season 2 also introduces native support for Xbox and PlayStation controllers and Steam Deck. Trade house taxes are now calculated based on the player’s historical income. New accounts will be unable to access the trade house for twelve hours. The new seasonal content will let players take on the Lord of the Void Sea in return for legendary gear.

In case you were wondering, the folks behind Torchlight are still big fans of dump trucks.

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