Fortnite Kills Building This Season

All battle, no building.

Fortnite doesn’t have building anymore. Temporarily speaking anyway. With the launch of Chapter 3 Season 2, players were greeted today by news that some might find more welcoming than others. Building has been temporarily disabled in the game. A bug? Nah. Story.

As of late the story in Fortnite (and there is a story) has centered around a coming war between two major factions in the game; the Seven and the Imagined Order. In Season 2, the plot mainly appears to be centering around an all out war between the IO and Seven, with players fighting back the IO over the course of the season. As part of this development, the IO have planted jammers across the island preventing building completely.

Players have been given extra boosts to supplement the loss of building. Every player now has 50 overshield, a regenerating form of shield that exists in addition to your health and normal shield. Players can also sprint short distances and jump to higher ledges and actually grab on and pull themselves up. Fancy stuff. The lack of building is temporary, as the opening missions deal with tasking the player with helping find and figure out a way to destroy the jammers.

When will building come back? Nobody knows. Latest by the end of the season, in all likelihood. Maybe they’ll bring it back in small portions of the map and gradually fan out. Your guess is as good as ours. For the hardcore players, building is still present in arena and competitive modes.

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