Fortnite Launches Chapter 4 Season 2


Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is here, and it is Mega. At least that’s what the title says.

The lower southeast end of the map has been completely replaced by the new neon-lighted Mega City. The big new mechanic this season is of course rail grinding, allowing players a new form of travel around the new areas.

In terms of new weapons, players will no doubt be gravitating toward the kinetic blade, a melee big-ass sword that can juggle and knockback enemies with an alt-fire that allows the user to zip around fast and close the gap. There are new Havoc pump shotguns and suppressed assault rifles, with a new legendary form of the slurp juice and a common form of the combat shotgun.

Meanwhile the heavy sniper rifle and Cobra DMR have been unvaulted along with the very briefly vaulted heisted guns. Players may be disappointed to find that the Ex-caliber rifle, seemingly all bows, the shield, and rocket launcher have been vaulted. At least for now. The Deku Smash has also been vaulted to the relief of many.

And of course the prerequisite battle pass.

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