Diaries From Anacrusis: Idiot Sandwich

I’d like people to leave me alone.

The Anacrusis is one of those games I’ve been simultaneously playing a lot of while also getting frustrated to the point of near migraines. Why am I playing so much? Why else, to grab those battle pass items before it expires in a few weeks. Why am I getting so frustrated with it? A subsection of the community I’ve come to refer to as the Court of Nitwits.

I’ve spoken about the Court of Nitwits here and there under a few different names depending on my mental state; the Confederacy of Dunces, the Honorable Shmuckery, a Shower of Bastards, etc. And before we continue I’d like to note that this group doesn’t contain new people or those who are just plain bad at video games. This isn’t going to devolve into a “why can’t everyone be as hardcore as me” rant.

The Anacrusis is a particularly interesting game for this because of the sheer volume of idiocy that I find myself dealing with while playing. And again, I’m not talking about people playing badly. There’s a growing contingency of players who join in on matches just to be complete shitheads for a few minutes. I mean like someone who joins a game and then refuses to enter the airlock at the end bringing it to a standstill. Or someone who simply runs around a room to avoid getting booted by the AFK timer. Or someone who waits just long enough for the system to go AFK and then comes back to start the timer over.

During a particular session, I decided to count the number of players who joined and left and wrote down what happened. Player A joined in and then immediately quit. Player B joined in, went AFK, came back, ran in a circle staring at the ceiling, and after a few minutes quit. Player C joined in along with Player D. Player D got downed once and quit. Player C randomly went AFK during a mob sequence, making sure to leave something making him run against a wall, and then after we got wiped quit. Player E joined, went AFK, came back, went AFK, then stared at a wall for several minutes before quitting. Player F joined in, made a bee-line ahead of where the group was, got downed, and quit. Player G joined in and after I grabbed an arc gun he was looking at, also stood in place for several minutes and then eventually quit.

This isn’t just one session, this was one sector of one map. I had to complete the episode to continue the battle pass and I was ready to throw my laptop through the window. Seven bad players in a row with not a single decent person showing up to actually play the game, as well as a wipe and wasting nearly a half hour from all the nonsense that people kept joining in to drop off before quitting out again. As an infinity pass holder I should be able to create private sessions that can still level the pass. I can’t for some reason, and it is absolutely pissing me off because at any moment some moron is guaranteed to show up and start screwing my run.

The worst part about it is that the players are so prevalent that I’ve started recognizing names. I actually have one guy who joins in, sees that I’m in the session, and then immediately quits. I think he’s upset because I not only let him get downed but killed him myself and left him dead so we could continue on. And then I did the exact same thing the next time I saw him. And the third time. But what do you expect when you constantly troll the AFK system.

The Anacrusis makes me hate people.

I’m really loving this game but the people. THE PEOPLE are driving me insane. I have had numerous matches with players who are clearly new to the game and just running their first session or so. It’s obvious in how people play and how they handle themselves when they’re new. But the point is those players actually try, even if they do stuff like not understand the importance of matter compilers, or use grenades funky, or set off the eggs and panic, or constantly tag every weapon because the game tooltip suggests it, or not use special weapons properly. The point is I have infinite patience for people who are learning the game and I will do everything to try and show them stuff.

It’s the morons that purposely troll who I can’t stand and why I want that private session. Or I want the ability to kick people from my sessions when they start acting like jackasses, or the ability to block them and not let them into my queue anymore.

The Anacrusis is in an odd mid-state between update 4 and the upcoming update 5. The pulse ability which pushes away enemies has been deeply nerfed and while the AI was supposedly updated this time around the lack of pulse has made them virtually useless in big mob situations. They just freeze up and stop doing anything a lot of the time. According to one of the devs on the Discord they are personally working solely on AI teammates to put them back into working order for update 5.

I really do like The Anacrusis.

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