Cultivation Tales Yanked From Steam

Amid massive server problems.

Cultivation Tales is an open world survival crafting online multiplayer game and if you head over to the Steam page you may notice that not everyone is happy with it this week. In fact a lot of people are rather angry given the 35% mostly negative review score from 8.8 thousand reviews. Why? Apparently the launch week hasn’t quite gone according to plan with massive server problems. Literally every one of my viewers will relate. I’ll let them explain in their own words.

Our game has gone through 4 server downs in just 6 days since its launch on April 15th. It made us deeply aware of the inadequacy of our own abilities, and at the same time felt deeply guilty for the damage caused to the players. We have detailed the reasons for the reasons, as well as future plans, in our last announcement. Due to the rush of time, many details are currently being discussed internally. But in any case, we have let down all the players who like Cultivation Tales, and we have no excuse for this.

As a result of the ongoing problems the folks at AC Games have temporarily removed Cultivation Tales from sale on Steam. Those of you deeply regretting your purchase will be happy to know that Valve should be accepting refund requests even if you exceeded the normal two hour play time limit. You may get rejected by the automated refund system, in which case you should submit a customer support ticket for manual review.

Therefore, we have communicated with the Steam platform to temporarily close the purchase and temporarily remove the shelf, and we are also communicating with Steam about refunds. We will unconditionally accept players’ refund applications, no matter how many hours you have played before. In fact, we believe that even a refund may not quell the anger of many players, because you invested a lot of valuable time in the game, and we did not provide you with a satisfactory experience.

Best of luck to AC Games with those server issues.

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