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[Not Massive] Gaijin Throws Taiwan Under Bus For Chinese Gov’t

A game developer doing something scummy to appease an oppressive dictatorship? Must be a day ending in WHY. In the world of developers doing stupid things, if you push past the western AAA industry of Electronic Arts and Valve and make your way toward the back of the room, you might spot Gaijin Entertainment. Back […]

League of Legends Just Killed A Character

If you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of pitchforks being sharpened. League of Legends broke new ground today by killing off one of its characters in the lore, not to mention the game itself. Players logging in today will find that Gangplank is no longer available to play, due to an untimely death […]

Derek Smart Used Star Citizen “To Promote His Line of Defense Game,” Smart Refunded & Banned

In what might be the first case of public corporate banning, CIG’s Ben Lesnick has posted a message on the official forums announcing that they have refunded Derek Smart’s Kickstarter pledge and disabled his account, effectively telling the veteran developer that he is no longer welcome as part of the community. In a thread discussing the […]

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