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[Column] Six Months Later, Mighty No. 9 Is Still An Unmitigated Disaster

Mighty No. 9 has been out since June 21st, long enough for the internet to blow up in anger and then mostly forget about the title at least until the ‘most disappointing games of 2016’ lists start coming out, to the tune of $4 million in wasted crowdfunding cash via Kickstarter, and while the fire […]

Shroud of the Avatar Community Wants Free Offline Access To Perks

What do you do when your game sells items for real money but also includes a separate offline mode that can’t reasonably be regulated by the developer? For Shroud of the Avatar, the folks at Portalarium figures that no matter what their stance on the issue, there is little doubt that hackers will figure out […]

Derek Smart Enlists Law Firm, Threatens Lawsuit

If you haven’t been keeping up with the kerfuffle between Derek Smart and Chris Roberts, it goes as follows: Derek Smart has been a very vocal critic of Star Citizen and Chris Roberts, over the fact that the game’s funding has grown to a massive level and over Smart’s belief that the growing scope of […]

Derek Smart Used Star Citizen “To Promote His Line of Defense Game,” Smart Refunded & Banned

In what might be the first case of public corporate banning, CIG’s Ben Lesnick has posted a message on the official forums announcing that they have refunded Derek Smart’s Kickstarter pledge and disabled his account, effectively telling the veteran developer that he is no longer welcome as part of the community. In a thread discussing the […]

Transformers Rolls Out Founders Packs

Transformers Universe has finally unveiled its founders packs for gamers who want to hop on pre-launch, and the prices are rather expensive. All bundles include a title and inclusion in the “founders honor roll,” likely another term for credits on the website. The cheapest bundle starts at $45 and includes $30 worth of cash shop money […]

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