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Watch Paladins On Mixer, Get Rewards

Hi-Rez Studios wants you to play Paladins, but they would also like you to watch Paladins. This month, Hi-Rez launched the Mixer store in Paladins that incentivizes players to watch game streams for rewards. By linking your Mixer account and watching Paladins streams, you’ll receive coins that can be redeemed for skins and other cosmetics. […]

[PSA] Humble 2K Bundle Offers Playstation Games Cheap

The latest Humble Bundle is upon us, and this time around you won’t be excluded just for owning a console, unless your console is the Xbox in which case you’re out of luck. The bundle contains a ton of Playstation 3 games, a small handful of Vita games, and a couple of Playstation 4 games. […]

Shroud of the Avatar Community Wants Free Offline Access To Perks

What do you do when your game sells items for real money but also includes a separate offline mode that can’t reasonably be regulated by the developer? For Shroud of the Avatar, the folks at Portalarium figures that no matter what their stance on the issue, there is little doubt that hackers will figure out […]

NCSoft Lowering Hero Coin Costs

Lineage II’s Hero Coin program launched approximately three months ago to some heavy criticism over the outrageously expensive reward system. As players spend more NCoin, they receive Hero Coins that can be spent on items in the reward store. We began to question just how much NCSoft expects some of its players will spend, as […]

Lineage II Top Reward Costs $200k Within A Year

As I always start these types of articles: If you are the type of person who is willing to spend five or six figures in a video game, why not take a little bit of that money and invest it in something more sensible, like MMO Fallout? Everyone wins. You get to keep spending insane […]

Defiance And Rift Raptr Rewards

Here at MMO Fallout, we love Raptr for the fact that it is like an Xfire client that tracks game time, and gives us free stuff just for playing games. No surveys, no advertisements, no subscriptions, no deals, none of that stupid crap you get from other clients. It’s just a game developer looking for […]

Total Sum Of My EGO Rewards

Defiance has launched, and if you are considering buying the game you might be interested in the game’s My EGO rewards. By entering in 120 easily obtained codes, you have access to all of the following perks, including boosts to your weapon skills and an increase in inventory slots. These perks work on all versions […]

Omali Was Wrong: Defiance On Steam

Hey folks. Get out your cricket bats, set your clocks one hour behind, and make sure your household knows you won’t be home for dinner, because it’s time for another episode of Omali Was Wrong. Not too long ago, I wrote a column about how Defiance on Steam was only at 33% toward the first […]

Raptr Increases Rift Player Retention

Last year, Trion partnered with Raptr to bring exclusive Rift rewards to the game-tracking platform. By playing Rift, or other qualifying games, and ranking up in Raptr’s system, players were able to get their hands on a free copy of Rift. Through ranking up in Rift, they were then able to obtain some exclusive items, […]

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