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Albion Online Goes Free To Play April 10

Albion Online is officially going free to play. Starting April 10, you’ll be able to jump into the fray without being required to buy a game pack. Free accounts will be under no gameplay restrictions and can take part in all aspects of the game. The business model will not be changed, being built on […]

Albion Answers: Cool Drops When Everything Is Player Crafted

Sandbox MMOs have always had a rough time answering what sounds like a simple question: How do you balance drops in a game that is supposed to be driven by player crafting? For Albion Online, the answer is simple, you just make the drops player-crafted. The Black Market doesn’t work like a normal NPC merchant, […]

Watch: Albion’s Final Beta Trailer

Albion Online has put out its final beta trailer, dubbed Everybody Matters.

Albion Online Will Be Buy To Play, At Least At The Start

The latest Road to Release from Albion Online has given us a look at what launch has in store for the MMO, and that includes quite a hefty and elongated beta period. According to a post on the main forums, the closed beta has been extended to at least August 2016, with the launch hopefully […]

Albion Online Releases Aurelius Update

Albion Online continues to march its way through beta, with the latest update introducing multiple user-friendly features. While player vs player combat is the focus of Albion, the developers recognize that players still want traditional MMO features like dungeons. The Aurelius update introduces three new ‘safe zone hellgates,’ allowing players to raid with a safer […]

Albion Online Introduces Auction Bidding For Housing

Albion Online is ditching its upkeep system in favor of a new way to keep you paying for your plots of land. Initially, plots of land will be considered unclaimed until a player puts down a bounty of silver to take over ownership. After a set amount of days, generally one or two months, the […]

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