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[NM] Bad Press: Don’t Read Too Much Into Konami’s Trademark Renewals

Konami this week silently renewed its trademarks for Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid in Europe and the press is already speculating on what this could mean: A Playstation Classic lineup? Remakes? Remasters? A surprise announcement at the game awards? Don’t hold your breath. This story comes up whenever a developer is found to renew […]

Surprise! APB Reloaded Soft Launches On Xbox One

It’s been a while since Reloaded Productions first announced that APB Reloaded would be hitting consoles, so it came as a bit of a surprise when the announcement dropped last night that the game was now live. European Xbox One users can access a soft launch of the MMO while players in the US will […]

Shanda Games In Severe Damage Control After Losing Two Years Of Data

Shanda Games is performing serious PR damage control after a “severe technical failure” resulted in two years worth of data being lost in their MMO Dragon Nest. While characters, gold, DNP, and AC are still intact, virtually everything else has been lost. The good news is, according to the news post, Shanda is capable of […]

Mechwarrior Online Introduces New Server

Mechwarrior Online has continued its global expansion with servers now available for European gamers, situated out of Strassbourg. Pirhana Games has revealed that average ping times have dropped by an average of 50% with some areas seeing more than a 75% boost to latency. Servers will be available for Oceanic players next month. “The MechWarrior […]

Blade & Soul Hits Western Shores This Winter

Put down your torches and extinguish your pitchforks, because Blade & Soul is joining Fievel and going west. The long awaited MMO from NCSoft will go into closed beta this fall with a launch sometime during the winter. Players will be able to get their hands on six classes, four races, and a level cap of […]

Black Desert Coming West In 2015

It isn’t so often that you hear about a release date being pushed up, but here it is. Black Desert, a rather anticipated MMO, will be hitting digital shelves in North America and Europe beginning in 2015. The western publisher will be Daum, generally a Korean publisher, who cited an inability to find a suitable […]

Sony Online Entertainment and ProSiebenSat Parting Ways

Sony Online Entertainment’s deal to turn European customers over to publisher ProSiebenSat has been, how do you put this lightly, a complete disaster. The move left SOE’s European customers feeling like second class citizens, managed by a company with no experience in gaming other than running cheap browser titles. The end result, a whole lot […]

Perfect World Talks: RaiderZ

RaiderZ is an action-combat game from the minds of MAIET Entertainment, the folks behind GunZ: The Duel and GunZ 2. Released in 2012 as a free to play MMO, RaiderZ features active combat which places an emphasis on dodging and blocking incoming attacks, as well as an emphasis on crafting and big boss fights. Sadly, […]

TERA Will Remain Subscription Based In US/EU

Update: Gee that was fast. TERA’s European community manager has posted on the forums to confirm that more details will be released of the EU free to play transition in January. Please understand that it is too early right now to talk about this but we will have more information for you about the EU […]

NCSoft Selling Off NC Interactive

Things are afoot over at NCSoft. According to Reuters today, the Korean publisher has announced that it will be selling off NC Interactive Inc, its online gaming branch. Is NCSoft going away in the west? Absolutely not. A follow up article on Reuters states that NCSoft has announced a wholly owned subsidiary that will handle […]

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