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Mobile Drives Explosive Sales For NCSoft In Third Quarter

NCSoft’s third quarter results are in, and the results are incredible. Thanks to strong performances in the mobile sector, the Korean developer/publisher has posted record sales and profits, as can be seen in the chart above. Mobile gaming now makes up 82% of NCSoft’s sales figures, posting 551 billion won in sales ($491 million USD) […]

NCSoft Q4 2016: Wildstar Disappears From Report

NCSoft has released their fourth quarter financial statements and the news is quite positive. Compared to the same period last year, sales rose 20% with operating profit up 36% over the same period, thanks to strong performance from major IPs and strong launches in the mobile market. The report notes that sales have hit a […]

NCSoft’s Q3 Finances Are Here: Wildstar, Wildstar, Wildstar

NCSoft’s latest quarterly reports are here, and that means it’s time to speculate on the future of City of Heroes, or Wildstar depending on what year you live in. Financially, NCSoft did pretty well in the third quarter, with sales up 11% over last year, profit up 29%, pre-tax income up 22%, and net income […]

NCSoft: All Key IPs Showed Stable Sales Last Quarter

NCSoft has released their second quarter results and the news is good, even for those of you who play Wildstar. The Korean developer published a 28% boost in operating profit over last year with a 27% bump in pre-tax income and a 56% increase in net income. US and EU shares of NCSofts revenues plummeted, […]

NCSoft Sales Boom, Wildstar Flounders In Q1

NCSoft has officially released their first quarter financial documents, and there is plenty to be happy about (providing you are not a developer on or player of Wildstar). Sales hit a boom with a 28% increase over the same time last year while profits over the same period jumped 70%. Pre-tax income flew up 67% […]

NCSoft Annual Revenue Chart

I’ve been meaning to create this for quite a while now, but I finally got around to compiling a chart for NCSoft’s yearly sales figures on a per-game basis. Looking at the chart on a yearly basis rather than quarterly makes the difference in income all the more obvious, especially when you see that Lineage […]

MMOrning Shots: Aion Infographic

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from Aion, where Gameforge and NCSoft have tossed together an infographic detailing the two year anniversary of the game’s transition to free to play. With over seven million characters created with a combined play time of sixty six thousand years, Aion’s most popular class is the Gladiator and Sorcerer. […]

Aion Is Still Adding Classes

Holy cow, NCSoft, have you considered taking a vacation? Most MMOs are content with adding a new class in once every few years, assuming they do so at all, but Aion clearly isn’t most MMOs. Aion 4.0 brought with it two new classes, the gunslinger and songweaver, the first new classes introduced in four years. […]

Aion 4.0 Launches

Aion’s massive 4.0 update, Dark Betrayal, launched earlier today and promptly broke everyone’s client. Due to an unforeseen issue, the new Aion launcher was taken offline for several hours of extended maintenance today when it became apparent that critical client files had gone missing from the download, resulting in players receiving a corrupt version incapable […]

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