Video: NCSoft Shows MMORPG Spirit

Before Throne & Liberty.

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Video: NCSoft Showcases Project LLL

Deep Division vibes.

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Video: Throne & Liberty Trailer

Project TL drops Lineage from name.

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Lineage W Saves NCSoft From Burning In Q4

Stats suck bro.

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Lineage W Apparently Doing Just Fine

Since its launch last month in some countries.

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Lineage2M Hits PC and Mobile Today

Worldwide launch of the mobile NCSoft title.

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NCSoft Stock Jumps Up After Q3 Report

Stocks trading 23% higher after income report.

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Lineage W More Popular On Android vs. iOS

Game sits at a 4/5 rating.

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Video: Kit Harrington Promotes Lineage W

You know nothing John Snow.

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NCSoft Makes Bold Lineage W Promises

Seemingly in response to Blade & Soul 2 controversy.

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