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Mobile Drives Explosive Sales For NCSoft In Third Quarter

NCSoft’s third quarter results are in, and the results are incredible. Thanks to strong performances in the mobile sector, the Korean developer/publisher has posted record sales and profits, as can be seen in the chart above. Mobile gaming now makes up 82% of NCSoft’s sales figures, posting 551 billion won in sales ($491 million USD) […]

NCSoft Updated Timeline

It’s been three years since MMO Fallout last published the NCSoft Timeline, and it’s about time for an update. As it was back in 2013, the graph shows NCSoft’s timeline of support for their major MMOs, from their date of launch to their current state. Some figures may seem innaccurate as they start at the […]

Blade & Soul Is Getting More Expensive

Blade & Soul is about to get more expensive for European users, as NCSoft has announced price hikes coming to those who pay via Euro and British Pound. Beginning June 1st, prices for premium membership will increase for parity with the in-game Hongmoon store, according to NCSoft. New prices will start out at €11.99 and £9.59 for […]

NCSoft Sales Boom, Wildstar Flounders In Q1

NCSoft has officially released their first quarter financial documents, and there is plenty to be happy about (providing you are not a developer on or player of Wildstar). Sales hit a boom with a 28% increase over the same time last year while profits over the same period jumped 70%. Pre-tax income flew up 67% […]

Blade & Soul Surpasses Two Million Accounts

NCSoft has announced that Blade & Soul has surpassed two million accounts, a milestone that comes alongside the launch of the MMO’s latest update. First revealed last month, the Rising Waters update introduces max level PvE content in the form of the heroic dungeon Bloodshade Harbor and its 24-player version, Nightshade Harbor. Solo players can […]

Blade & Soul First Update Coming February 10th

Blade & Soul’s first major patch is hitting shores on February 10th. The update introduces new end-game dungeons like Bloodshade, available as a six or four man dungeon, and Nightshade, a 24-player version. Players are tasked with taking on the Blackram pirates, all the way up to Admiral Hae Mujin himself. Also included are the first seven […]

MMOments: Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul is one of those games that we’ve been impatiently waiting to come westward for a few years now, and like any game that we are regularly told we can’t have, the hype train has gotten out of hand at one point or another. I think that the majority of gamers saw NCSoft’s […]

How Blade & Soul Distributes The Wealth

Drops have always been a divisive issue when it comes to raids, particularly when you’re dealing with players using the roll system to hoard items that they don’t need and probably can’t sell, but want anyway because of greed. In the early days, this was dealt with through a need/greed system, but players would simply […]

Blade & Soul Is Coming: Founder’s Packs Ready For Purchase

Blade & Soul’s western release is right around the corner, we know this to be true because NCSoft has officially announced that founder’s packs are available for purchase. Made ready to pickup in the form of $24, $75, and $125 packages, anyone who grabs a founder’s pack will have access to all closed betas later […]

NCSoft Announces F2P Details For Blade & Soul

NCSoft has announced that Blade & Soul will launch in North America and Europe under the publisher’s free to play system. When the game goes into closed beta this fall, players will be able to access all content without spending a dime. NCoin, the currency used in other NCSoft titles, will be available to purchase […]

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