Hotcakes: 5 Better Investments Than Chronicles of Elyria

Save you time and money.

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Kakao Games Invests In Raph Koster

Making a new game with Playable Worlds.

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Media & Games Invest Fleeing Malta To Sweden

They like Sweden.

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Ubisoft Invested In An NFT Company

Just to remind you that they have a stake in this grift.

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Kakao Games Invests In Frost Giant Studios

Twenty million dollars.

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Sony Announces Discord Partnership

Sony also invests in Discord.

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Nexon Buys $100 Million In Bitcoin

Flex on us harder, why don’t you.

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Tencent Announces Strategic Investment In MMO Fallout


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Ryu Games Secures Funding

For mobile cash tournament gaming platform.

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Whatever Happened To: Edengrad

Remember that game there?

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