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Discord To Allow Self-Publishing AND 90/10 Revenue Split

If you thought Epic Games offering an 88/12 split along with a curated store was the pinnacle of digital distribution, think again. Discord today announced that as of 2019, not only will their service serve as a self-publishing platform where any developer can place their game, but that developers will enjoy a 90% revenue share […]

Jagex Wants To Publish Your Indie Games is holding its Investment Summit in September, and RuneScape developer Jagex will be there to seek out new publishing opportunities. After announcing last year that the company is seeking to publish more independent titles, Jagex will join a list of publishers and investors including Nintendo, Sega, Fig, Humble Bundle, and others to give speeches, […]

How City of Heroes Could Have Avoided The Press

I’ve known about negotiations between unnamed buyers and NCSoft to purchase City of Heroes, the fact that attempts to buy the game have been ongoing since it shut down in 2012 should be of little surprise to anyone given the game’s fiercely loyal fanbase and revenue margin. I haven’t run any stories on it, and […]

Cleanup In Aisle 5! SOE Community Explodes In Response To Europe Deal

In the land of MMOs, few have ginned up more controversy than Sony Online Entertainment. Sony announced that they would be partnering with Alaplaya, gaming division of ProSiebenSat.1 to publish most of Sony’s MMOs in Europe, transitioning European players off of Sony’s account system and on to PSS. The deal has an astounding laundry list […]

Star Vault Partners With Lekool: Mortal Online In Asia

Mortal Online is heading to Asia. In a press announcement, developer Star Vault announced that the company is partnering with Lekool to publish Mortal Online in China and other Asian countries. You may be familiar with Lekool from their publishing ventures in the United States: Caesary, Business Tycoon Online, and more. “We are very happy […]

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