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Titan Network In Talks To Revive City of Heroes With NCSoft Blessing

The Titan Network is in talks with NCSoft regarding a community-run City of Heroes server. Things are looking positive, so stay strong. We don’t have a timeline right now, but we’ll provide more updates as soon as we can. #SaveCoH — Tony V (@TonyV_CoH) April 24, 2019 City of Heroes is back! Or it […]

Valiance Online Nears Alpha Testing

City of Heroes feels like a long lost relative, when the title left us just a little over four years ago, but in that time a number of development studios have been working around the clock to bring us the spiritual successor. Valiance Online, one of those successors, is gearing up to present us with […]

Cryptic Founder Now CEO Of Daybreak Game Company

Daybreak Game Company is now being headed by a founder of Cryptic Studios, and it isn’t Bill Roper. In a press release posted yesterday, we learned that Jack Emmert is joining the former Sony Online Entertainment studio as chief executive officer stationed at the studio’s San Diego headquarters. “I’m very proud of what we accomplished […]

City of Heroes: The Mask Comes Off

At this point in time, the idea that there are talks underway to get City of Heroes back up and running isn’t a secret. The previously unnamed team has been negotiating with NCSoft to acquire City of Heroes with the request that the negotiations themselves be kept secret and with the knowledge that the whole […]

How City of Heroes Could Have Avoided The Press

I’ve known about negotiations between unnamed buyers and NCSoft to purchase City of Heroes, the fact that attempts to buy the game have been ongoing since it shut down in 2012 should be of little surprise to anyone given the game’s fiercely loyal fanbase and revenue margin. I haven’t run any stories on it, and […]

[Community] NCSoft’s Support Timeline

For this week’s Community Concerns, I decided to put together a graph of NCSoft’s library of MMOs, past and present. The above graph shows each game’s support timeline from the year it launched to the year that it shut down or to present if it is still running. Several of the titles may seem inaccurate […]

The Phoenix Project Teases Us

Missing Worlds Media loves to tease us. If you don’t know, The Phoenix Project is one of several spiritual upcoming super hero MMOs inspired by the shuttering of City of Heroes. This month (September), the team at MWM will be launching a Kickstarter to provide their MMO with some real funding. Until then, enjoy a […]

Missing Worlds Media Kickstarter Coming September 8th

City of Heroes is one of those games that the phrase “nothing like it on the market” was designed for. When NCSoft closed down Paragon Studios and shut down City of Heroes, its community was left with essentially two choices of super hero MMOs: Champions Online and DC Universe. While Champions Online has a pretty […]

Titan Icon Unlocks City of Heroes Creator Offline

The City of Heroes servers may be offline, but why should that stop you from getting in some Paragon City nostalgia? I’m not talking about some weak slideshow or compilation video either, I’m talking a cold hard client with some real play to it. Enter our friends at Titan Network, who recently unveiled Titan Icon. […]

Paragon Studios Discusses Its Closure

It’s been five months since City of Heroes shut down, and the more we hear about the events surrounding the closure of Paragon Studios, the less realistic that NCSoft’s explanation that they had “exhausted all options” seems to become. Gamasutra has published a very informative piece on the closing of Paragon Studios, detailing how Paragon […]

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