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Perpetuum Online Ends Development, Eyes Private Servers

Perpetuum Online is a name that we haven’t heard around MMO Fallout in quite a while, so long that many of you might have assumed that the game had quietly shut down. It hasn’t, although we have learned that development has come to an end. In a post on the official website, detailed plans have […]

Another Set Of Titles Greenlit On Steam

  Heroes & Generals Heroes and Generals was actually Greenlit the previous time around, but since it was the only MMO at the time to be approved, I feel it warrants another look. Heroes & Generals is an upcoming MMOFPS by Reto-Moto. The game is an open world, free to play title set in World […]

Perpetuum Online Extends Active Accounts, DDOS Attacks

Back in January I talked about the issue surrounding a certain someone launching a distributed denial of service attack on indie MMO Perpetuum Online. The attacks began in January and caused the server to become unstable for many players. For now, however, the developer believes that the attacks are over. Players are being compensated with […]

Perpetuum Thriving Off Of Eve Online’s Losses

The guys over at Perpetuum Online were hoping to get a big patch out soon, but according to the latest dev blog much of the past few weeks has been spent dealing with a major increase in players, more specifically refugees from Eve Online. The influx of players brought light to a lot of glitches, […]

What Happened This Week: That’s Not Linguine Edition

Here’s a question for this week: If you could sit down and talk to anyone in the gaming industry, who would you talk to and what would you ask them? Over here at MMO Fallout, I came upon that decision rather easily. The Who: Free to play/cash shop developers. The What: Their business model. Thanks […]

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