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Perpetuum Online Ends Development, Eyes Private Servers

Perpetuum Online is a name that we haven’t heard around MMO Fallout in quite a while, so long that many of you might have assumed that the game had quietly shut down. It hasn’t, although we have learned that development has come to an end. In a post on the official website, detailed plans have […]

Perpetuum Online Sees Growth

With Perpetuum Online now operating as a buy to play title, and the folks at Avatar Creations have posted a status report detailing just how things are getting along. Thanks to an upswing in users, five times the average player count, Perpetuum is receiving the capital investment that it so deserves. For starters, the server […]

Perpetuum Dropping Subscription Fee

Perpetuum Online has announced that it will be dropping its subscription fee on April 2nd. Rather than asking for a subscription, Perpetuum will adopt a buy to play model with an in-game cash shop for cosmetics and services. The subscription model will be dropped in favor of a single purchase when players join the world […]

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