Fractured Online Roadmaps 2022

Up to winter launch.

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Fractured Beta Now Available 24/7

That’s seven hours a day, 24 days a week.

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ArcheAge Transfer Website Is Live

Go transfer your account.

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IPE: I Got Obsessed With Trademarks

And here’s what I found.

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How To Play ArcheAge Unchained Free This Weekend

You’ll need a coupon code and a functioning computer.

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Trion Worlds Makes Glyph Great Again: Speeds Performance

Who doesn’t want a faster game browser? Don’t answer that. Trion Worlds has announced that its game platform Glyph should be running much smoother following an update aimed at improving client performance. Chiefly, the update removes the browser which was not only a hog of system resources but required a lot of maintenance in stability and security. According to the announcement on the Glyph website, usage has dropped from a previous 200mb when in the background to around 50mb.

There are other updates coming that should continue the trend of lightening the load.

(Source: Trion Worlds)

Glyph Sees Third Party Game Purge

ARCHEAGE 2014-09-21 23-36-13-46

Glyph’s days as a platform for third party titles are over, as Trion Worlds has purged the store of all non-home-brewed games. Those who purchased third party single player games through Glyph will be able to access their content from here on forward, however the items will be removed from the store barring any further purchases. Furthermore, gamers also have the option to port their licenses over to Steam.

If you purchased any single player download games from Glyph, you should have received an email with an activation code for each game you purchased. If you did not receive this email, please . Once you have your keys, you’ll need to activate them on Steam.

(Source: Trion Worlds)

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