Fractured Online Roadmaps 2022

Up to winter launch.

Fractured Online is currently in open beta offering 24/7 access to the servers. When the servers are working at least. The folks at Dynamight Studios today released a roadmap to pave the way to launch later in winter, and boy howdy are there things on this roadmap.

Foremost on the docket, players can expect a spring update to add in German and French localization, as well as seasons and leaderboards to the game. Summer 2022 will introduce a new race in the form of the Wildfolk as well as a planet, end-game PvP activities, and a new day/night cycle. Later on in the year in the fall we get the demon race, a new planet, the invention of religion, and an expansion to crafting.

And then in winter we’ll have stuff the developers don’t want to talk about right now. Those interested in the game can get their mitts on a discounted founder pack. Fractured Online is in development by Dynamight Studios and published by Gamigo on the Glyph platform.

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