New World Will Merge More Servers

On April 15.

For the December 2022 mergers click here.

Mark your calendars, fasten your seatbelts, cancel the three ring circus, and get ready for more server mergers. Following the recent free weekend, Amazon Games announced that all free worlds on New World have been merged back into the paid worlds. For those of you who paid for the game or may do so in the future. If you did take part in the free weekend, your character will be there should you buy the game.

For everyone else, an upcoming server merger will take care of those aching not-a-lot-of-players-left blues. According to the New World forums, server mergers should take place on April 15. We’ve included a list of servers involved in the merger below for posterity, however if you have a character on those servers and log in you’ll see a notice anyway with hopefully more details.

  • Central EU
    • Asgard, Hades, Hellheim, Fae, and Caer Sidi will be merged into Abaton
    • Styx, Antillia, Utgard, and Learad will be merged into Aaru
    • Lyonesse will be merged into Nysa
    • Bifrost, Niflheim, Bengodi, and Kor will be merged into Tir Na Nog
    • Arcturus will be merged into Tartarus
  • US-East
    • Yaxche, Krocylea, Frislandia, Calnogor, and Pyrallis will be merged into Valhalla
    • Eden will be merged into Maramma
    • City of Brass will be merged into Castle of Steel
    • Olympus will be merged into Orun
    • Oceana, Ys, Zuvendis, and Pleroma will be merged into Orofena
  • US-West
    • Midian, Rivadeneyra, Diranda, and Neno Kuni will be merged into Yggdrasil
  • Australia
    • Lerna will be merged into Utopia
    • Lagado will be merged into Delos

For those who don’t particularly care about the server mergers, there is a bit of news for Prime Gaming subscribers. Starting before this was published and running through some point in the future, you can get your hands on the Vested Harmonizer pack. Shockingly this includes the Vested Harmonizer skin as well as five thousand marks of fortune. That is $5 worth of premium currency.

Check it out.

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