Eve Online Promises No NFTs

For the “foreseeable future.”

Safe to say that discussion around NFTs in gaming has become contentious, if you’d like to underplay the reality by a significant margin. Over at Eve Online, there’s been some speculation and fear among the community that CCP Games and Pearl Abyss are gearing up to implement the tech within the spreadsheet MMO at some point. Something about CCP executives meeting up with blockchain folks at GDC.

But in a Twitter post today, Eve Online assured people that there are no intentions of putting NFTs in Eve Online. For now. The foreseeable future. That phrase that tries to comfort but really just feels like business speak allowing the person promising nothing to give themselves an easy out at some unknown point in the future. “Well I wasn’t planning it at the time, but times change.” It’s a phrase MMO players may know all too well.

The statement:


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