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IPE Update: A List Of Companies Subpoena’d By Twitch

It’s time to talk about Twitch again, and that means the Twitch v. John Doe lawsuit. When last we left our heroes, Twitch had filed suit in the Northern District of California against one hundred John Doe defendants for federal trademark infringement, breach of contract, trespass to chattels, and fraud. The lawsuit targeted the antics […]

EA/Bioware’s David Crooks: “The World Just Felt A Little Better” Over Death of TotalBiscuit

(Update: Casey Hudson, Bioware GM, has issued a statement of disappointment over Crooks’ Twitter tirade. It appears Crooks is not currently employed at Bioware.) I was extremely disappointed to find out about the comments on the passing of John Bain (@Totalbiscuit) from someone who was previously part of BioWare. Let me be clear that they […]

Boss Key Shuts Down After Radical Heights Flounders

Following its launch into “extreme early access” after five months of development, Radical Heights developer Boss Key has announced that it is going into extreme defunct mode. Big boss Cliff Bleszinski released an announcement on Twitter today noting that the servers for Radical Heights will remain online for the near future, however the studio itself […]

Yanked PUBG Ad Is Basically Plagiarized From Community Artwork

The above photo is an Xbox One ad concept created by Reddit user Macsterr and posted on PUBG’s subreddit about a month ago. This image may look familiar if you follow Xbox on Twitter because someone from the company saw the concept and apparently loved it enough to create official advertising that you might refer […]

[Video] Kill Your eSports Career In 60 Seconds Or Less

(Video warning: Very loud, NSFW language) How do you end your eSports career in less than the time it takes to order a Little Caesar’s Pizza? If you want the answer to this question, imagine the video above as something of a tutorial. Matt “Dellor” Vaughn, formerly of Toronto eSports, has left the scene after a mid-game […]

Hacked Hello Games Tweet Affirmed By Hacked Sean Murray

“No Man’s Sky was a mistake.” It’s the kind of misattributed quote you expect to see photoshopped onto a Hello Games tweet. But what happens when the message is verifiably from the official Hello Games Twitter account? Well it must have been hacked, you say, and Sean Murray will be right around to let us […]

John Smedley Quits Twitter After Argument Leads to DDOS, Threats

John Smedley has quit Twitter, an announcement that will have a good portion of Daybreak’s communities giving a sigh of relief. Responding to a thread on Reddit over his account suddenly going dark, Smedley confirmed that he is walking away from the social media platform. I really love making games. It makes me happy. I […]

Breaking: Dave Georgeson Departs Daybreak Game Studio

Yeah, I’m sorry folks but it’s true. LM, eqn, eq and eqii are no longer guided by moi. Other dreamers will steer now. — David Georgeson (@DaveGeorgeson) February 11, 2015 Dave Georgeson has announced via Twitter that he is no longer involved in the Everquest franchise. Update: Daybreak Game Studio has confirmed a big round […]

ArcheAge PLEX Available Again… Again

Trion Worlds has announced the ArcheAge APEX are officially back up and available for purchase.The item, providing a method for players to extend their subscription without paying real money, has been the subject of numerous exploits, resulting in it being pulled from the cash shop for small periods of time. The following announcement was posted […]

Turbine Layoffs Confirmed Over Twitter

It looks like Turbine is going through a round of layoffs. Earlier today, former Community Manager Rick Heaton tweeted “Thinking of my friends at #Turbine and #LOTRO and elsewhere today. I’m easy to find if you need me.” When asked if his tweet was related to layoffs at Turbine, he responded “sadly.” The comment has […]

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