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Everybody Missed It: Trials of Ascension Is Finally Dead Again

If this is the last I genuinely have to hear about Trials of Ascension, I will eat my hat. When the Earth ices over and humanity has disappeared, futuristic aliens will come to Earth and one day read about Trials of Ascension, the most incompetently led MMO that never made it to to launch and […]

Jagex Launches Dedicated Website For Land Out Of Time

The next big update to RuneScape is on its way, in fact it is being released this coming Monday! In preparation for the update, Jagex has launched a dedicated website for Land Out Of Time where players can find more information on the coming update. Land Out Of Time is the latest expansion of RuneScape’s […]

[PSA] You Can Now Activate Steam Keys on the Steam Website

As an update that will no doubt leave some of our viewers thinking “boy it looks like MMO Fallout got hacked and is being used to phish Steam accounts,” Valve has updated their systems so that players can now redeem keys through the Steam website. I’m not entirely sure how to get to this page […]

ZX Spectrum Websites Taken Over By Internet Trolls

It looks like the tribulations of Retro Computers Ltd never seem to cease. In an update posted to Indiegogo backers today, Retro Computers Ltd has warned that their domains have been taken over by a third party and are redirecting to other websites (full announcement below). The domain now redirects to a website “Bum […]

Earthrise MMO Is…Back? Countdown Appears On Website

During its short life on earth, Earthrise followed a well known and much feared trajectory of MMOs: Releasing far too early and never gaining a following. Of course it doesn’t help that the game comprised of little more than grinding combat and crafting, coupled with performance issues that drove away much of the user base. […]

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