I’m Back, You Flipping Nerds

Pulling the band-aid out of my butt crack.

Wow this last week has sucked.

If you haven’t noticed, MMO Fallout has been dead for roughly the last week. And it’s not looking as sexy as it did before it went down. Unless you’re a mobile user in which case it probably looks a whole lot better. That’s part of the discussion today.

So the big question is; why did MMO Fallout break? The short answer is I broke it. The long answer is I broke it trying to fix it. Why? Well, I won’t name any names or point any fingers, but I happened to browse MMO Fallout from my work computer and realized that the website looked a lot different than it did on my computer. I regularly check MMO Fallout from time to time to make sure that our Ezoic ads weren’t boning the website, and for me it basically looked like an ad at the top, one or two on the sides, and two on the bottom. Normal.

Again, I’m not pointing any blame here. But when I saw MMO Fallout on other computers? Absolute horse shit. Everything I basically pitch a fit about on Twitter regarding how I hate advertising on websites. And on mobile? Don’t even get me started. It also didn’t help that the front page had broken for roughly half the devices I started checking it from.

So I was pretty pissed and I immediately called it that the advertising trial was done with and going away permanently. And that’s when I started ripping out the innards that made up Google Adsense and Ezoic’s ad code.

And that’s when I broke the website.

Not just broke, catastrophically. The kind where I literally couldn’t reinstall WordPress and get it working again. So I did a fresh reinstall. That didn’t work. So I did another fresh reinstall. That didn’t work. So I tried another fresh reinstall, that worked.


Maybe it’s because my WordPress was on a much lesser version combined with a bad SQL database, but any attempt at booting back in WordPress completely broke. The new installations couldn’t read my backups, the directories on my hosting were broken and now not working at all on WordPress, and it was all screwed up. Seemingly beyond retrieval.

So I went to bed last week thinking I had seemingly just lost fourteen years of my life’s writing in the poof of a server break. You might be thinking to yourself “oh he must have been pissed.” Nah. Beyond pissed. Angry to the point of numbness.

Well one thing I’ve kept in stasis is the WordPress.com hosting, which hasn’t been touched since 2014. Long ago enough that WordPress didn’t even have mobile-friendly themes. So I did a hail Mary, and uploaded my backup to here. And it worked.

Well for the most part. The links are all different and the featured photos didn’t get saved, but for the most part the website should be up and running smoothly within the next week. Just as soon as I get the domain transferred over here.

Happy Saturday ya dinks. This must be what it’d be like if I moved back into my childhood bedroom and it was exactly the way I left it. I am on the WordPress premium subscription this time around so there shouldn’t be any ads on the website.

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of the readers, fellow writers, and business folks who reached out to make sure everything was okay over the last week. It’s all gravy. To the people who are trying desperately to monetize this website, respectfully eat shit.

4 thoughts on “I’m Back, You Flipping Nerds”

  1. I’d just found your website a few months back, drop in now and again. Then realized one day it was just… non-existent. Glad you were able to get some data back, I know what it is like to lose something you’d put a lot of work into.

  2. If it helps this is the first time the comments section has ever worked for me following the site for like 1.5 years.

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