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Darkfall Returns: Rise of Agon Is Live

Darkfall is back! Rise of Agon, a revival of the original Darkfall MMORPG, has officially launched. Darkfall originally launched under now-defunct developer Aventurine in 2009 only to shut down and be revived as Darkfall: Unholy Wars in 2012. Unholy Wars was subsequently shut down alongside Aventurine due to poor economic conditions in Greece. Aventurine, while […]

Community Revives The Sims Online, It’s Too Popular

The Sims Online is back! I’ll give you a second to remember that this existed. We’re going on ten years since The Sims Online was shut down by Electronic Arts, but nothing online ever dies forever. Unfortunately for players, while promising for the developers, is that interest in the revival has been so overwhelming that […]

Crowdfunding Fraudsters: Save Asheron’s Call Gofundme

It’s been a while. Crowdfunding Fraudsters is a recurring column here at MMO Fallout where I look at campaigns on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Gofundme that, in my opinion, need a good going over with a fine tooth comb. The use of the term fraudster does not imply malice, but rather the idea that the creator is […]

Community Is Reviving Everquest Online Adventures

You don’t need to look far to find fans of Sony Online Entertainment’s foray into console gaming, Everquest Online Adventures. The lesser known cousin of the series, EQOA shut down back in 2012 due to dwindling populations and the inevitable decline of the Playstation 2 as a gaming platform. A group is working on an […]

Indie MMO Revival Ends Development

Indie sandbox MMO Revival has announced that development has ceased due to lack of funds. Starting in the very new future, you will find that homes are no longer for sale through the Dunwich and Innsmouth section of our website and future patches to the client are, at least as of now, highly unlikely. I […]

Hi-Rez Announces Support Returning For Tribes

It’s been more than two years since Hi-Rez Studios announced that development would cease on Tribes Ascend, owing to the fact that the game just about broke even in terms of revenue versus cost to develop. While much of the community has long since given up hope of Hi-Rez ever returning to the game, given […]

City of Heroes: The Mask Comes Off

At this point in time, the idea that there are talks underway to get City of Heroes back up and running isn’t a secret. The previously unnamed team has been negotiating with NCSoft to acquire City of Heroes with the request that the negotiations themselves be kept secret and with the knowledge that the whole […]

How City of Heroes Could Have Avoided The Press

I’ve known about negotiations between unnamed buyers and NCSoft to purchase City of Heroes, the fact that attempts to buy the game have been ongoing since it shut down in 2012 should be of little surprise to anyone given the game’s fiercely loyal fanbase and revenue margin. I haven’t run any stories on it, and […]

Taco Tuesday: Four MMO Revival Pitches

Welcome to Tuesday, there are trays at the front of the line and plenty of tacos to go around. Due to the past few weeks sucking up most, if not all, of the Greenlight and Kickstarter MMOs, you may be glad to hear we are shifting paradigm to having a real discussion. So on to […]

Earthrise Is Back: SilentFuture Takes Over

Looks like we haven’t seen the last of Earthrise. SilentFuture announced today that they are taking over the MMO, giving the game a fresh coat of paint and a new skeletal structure, and gearing it up for launch late this year. Interestingly enough, Earthrise will no longer be a post-apocalyptic game, but rather set during […]

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