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Daybreak Alters Planetside Arena Launch Plans, Hitting Playstation 4

Daybreak’s upcoming spinoff Planetside Arena is changing course. Somewhat. In an announcement posted on the official website this week, Daybreak thanked its closed beta testers for their invaluable feedback, and announced that after much consideration the PC-only release will be postponed. The good news is that this delay is to make way for the Playstation […]

[Not Massive] Gamestop Hyperkin Controllers Get Stuck In Customs

Hyperkin’s Duke Xbox controller is fat and sassy. How fat is it, you ask? It’s so fat that it tried to slide through customs and got stuck. Tip your waiter, I’ll be here all week. This week was supposed to mark the launch of the Hyperkin Duke Xbox Controller, a recreation of the original Xbox […]

LOTRO Delays Mordor Expansion

As it turns out, one does not simply launch Mordor. To the surprise of very few, judging by the reaction on the Lord of the Rings Online forums, the announcement came yesterday that the Mordor expansion has been delayed due to a bug that could not be fixed prior to today’s planned launch. As a […]

Indie MMO Revival Ends Development

Indie sandbox MMO Revival has announced that development has ceased due to lack of funds. Starting in the very new future, you will find that homes are no longer for sale through the Dunwich and Innsmouth section of our website and future patches to the client are, at least as of now, highly unlikely. I […]

Pathfinder Online Delays Early Enrollment

Goblinworks has announced that Pathfinder Online’s open enrollment period will be rescheduled to give their developers more time to implement more features that the community has requested be made available at the start of open enrollment. There are a lot of final pieces coming into place to turn Pathfinder Online into a Minimum Viable Product […]

Elder Scrolls Online Delayed Six Months

With one month left until the launch of Elder Scrolls Online on the Xbox One and Playstation 4, Zenimax is in the unfortunate position of bearer of bad news. Due to “a number of unique problems specific to those platforms,” the release of both console versions has been delayed from its initial date. The announcement […]

Jagex Remaking Transformers Universe Within Six Months?

Back when Jagex announced that Transformers Universe was taking a full 180 degree spin and transforming itself from a traditional MMO into a League of Legends style MOBA, I removed it from our listings. After all, we don’t cover MOBA titles here and a recent poll showed that the majority of you have no interest […]

Blizzard’s Titan MMO Rebooted, Restructured

“Interested” isn’t quite the word I would use to describe my attitude toward Blizzard’s upcoming MMO, Titan. It isn’t anything personal against the developer or the game itself, it’s just that at this early of a stage in development where everything we know about the title is from rumors and even the title itself is […]

Darkfall Reveals Launch Plans For Unholy Wars

It is December 11th, and that can only mean one thing! No, not that. Gear up that sandbox, because tomorrow Darkfall: Unholy Wars is launching right into your…no, I’m getting word that Darkfall: Unholy Wars will not be launching December 12th. In a surprise, out of nowhere, could not be seen by anyone no matter how […]

Darkfall: Unholy Wars Delayed Into December

Bad news (and possibly unsurprising), bears. On the Darkfall Epic Blog today, Tasos Flambouras has announced that Darkfall: Unholy Wars will not be able to meet its November 20th launch date. Rather, the relaunch of Aventurine’s MMO will take place on December 12th, slightly under one month from now. The announcement is due to “external […]

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