Overwatch 2 Delayed To 2023

Will release a beta version later this year.

Overwatch 2 has been delayed to 2023 as Blizzard revealed earlier today. In a reveal event posted on YouTube, Blizzard’s own Aaron Keller revealed that while the plans to launch free to play as well as new heroes and maps will still come on October 4, that the crux of Overwatch 2, the PvE campaign, will not be ready for launch until 2023 at the earliest.

The roadmap does not detail any specifics, meaning we probably shouldn’t expect to see the mode in the first few half of the year. The big update for Overwatch coming later this year, where Blizzard is just deciding to call the game Overwatch 2 going forward, updates the title with battle passes, new game modes, maps, reverts the game to 5v5 as opposed to 6v6, and introduces seasonal content. The game is also ditching loot boxes in favor of seasonal battle passes. In case you weren’t worried about FOMO enough.

The PvE content, which won’t be coming for at least a year, is aiming at expanding the story and canon.

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