Lost Ark Yanks Unintentional Cash Shop Package

It wasn’t supposed to be sold.

Lost Ark has players upset and annoyed, and this time it’s not about the rampant botting and cheating going on in the game. No today’s Lost Ark is apologizing for a little item pack that accidentally made its way into the game and accidentally got sold to players. Accidentally.

June 15 of 2022 in the year of Arnold, the folks at Amazon accidentally uploaded an item pack called “Punika Growth Support Pack” to the cash shop. The item cost 1,000 royal crystals and included a number of doodads and materials. As seen below.

Source: (Charleigh)

Well the pack is now gone, as Amazon notes it was added by accident. Those who bought it will be allowed to keep it, and it may come back at a future time. When? Where? For how much? The world may never know.

While we understand this prompt release and removal of the Punika Growth Support Pack may be confusing, this item was being internally tested and was not finalized for sale on live servers; it was not intended to be released, and made it into the client after last night’s maintenance due to an error in file delivery. We are still working through details regarding any potential offerings of “support packs” including their general availability, content, and pricing. We will provide additional details on future plans when we can.

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