Video: Kingdom Maker Gameplay Trailer

A trailer for Kingdom Maker.

Today’s video comes to us from Kingdom Maker, a new mobile MMO strategy game by developer Global Worldwide and Scopely. Kingdom Maker tasks players with making a kingdom, go figure, and engaging in real time strategy battles to take over new territory.

“It’s not often that you come across a game experience that offers a completely new spin on how and why we play, and ‘Kingdom Maker’ is just that,” said Steve Huff, President, Games at Scopely. “The game is a refreshing take on 4X and an excellent complement to our diverse portfolio of engaging, dynamic titles. The original world within ‘Kingdom Maker’ brings a sense of humor to the strategy genre, enables an unrivaled degree of personalization, and delivers deviously exhilarating medieval fun to players everywhere. As a deeply social experience with expansive possibilities, the game is designed to evolve with players for years to come.”

Kingdom Maker is available on mobile via the App Store and Google Play.

Source: Press Release

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