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EA Struggles With the Perception They Are Bad Guys

You may or may not know this, but EA has a bit of an image problem. They are consistently denied awards by their industry peers, they are booed at award ceremonies, and consumers won’t stop bringing up their past. has an article talking about the EA Originals program, where the massive publisher has been […]

EA’s Loot Boxes Are ‘Quite Ethical,” Says EA

If there’s a company at the forefront of predatory and unethical business conduct in the gaming industry, it has to be Electronic Arts. From the company that brought about the high profile disasters of Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem to the wholly panned monetization schemes originally present in Battlefront II, Electronic Arts has become the […]

[NM] Kotaku Investigates Bioware, Bioware Makes It Worse

The only constants in life are death and taxes. The only constants in the gaming industry are EA (or a subsidiary) creating its own PR nightmare and then making the situation worse in response. If you’ve been following the tale of Anthem and its alleged six year development cycle, today’s investigative piece by Kotaku’s Jason […]

Electronic Arts Lays Off 350

Electronic Arts today announced that 350 positions will be cut from the company as part of a reorganizational effort to “meet the needs of our players.” In addition, the publisher plans on ramping down its operations in Russia and Japan. The entirety of the announcement by CEO Andrew Wilson has been posted below. Today we […]

Falling Out #5: The Best Laid Plans

And they would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you pesky Reddit nerds.

Anthem Is Hard-Crashing On Playstation 4

Anthem on PS4 may be more of a hazard than previously known. A growing number of users on the official Reddit have begun reporting issues regarding Anthem not just crashing, but completely shutting down their Playstation 4. The thread has garnered a number of confirmations from other players noting that the system treats the shutdown […]

Falling Out #2: The Ghost of Christmas Obvious

Given the history of Electronic Arts, the only thing I’m worried about is the date on the gravestone being too far into the future. Scenery © 2012-2013 Julien Jorge <> Gravestones: Carlo Enrico Victoria (Nemisys) & Tuomo Untinen,  Casper Nilsson, Barbara Rivera (Via Open Game Art)

EA Stock Capsizes After Early Year Recovery

Electronic Arts closed on February 6, 2019 at the price of $80.21 USD following news that the publisher’s third quarter fiscal results did not perform to its expectations. The continued price drop threatens to wipe out the progress that EA had made in the first month of the year to begin recovery after its stock […]

[NM] EA Fought the Law and the Law Won, Removing Loot Boxes

EA fought the law and the law won, at least that’s the lesson the company learned this week after going head to head with Belgian authorities regarding loot box sales for FIFA games. Those of you keeping score will recall that last April, the Belgian government criminalized certain loot box systems in video games, and […]

[NM] Battlefield V Hit By Disappointment Bug, 50% Off One Week After Launch

How much does Electronic Arts value $30? One week of play time. Hopefully those of you out in the netosphere didn’t put too much investment into your $60 Battlefield V purchase. In addition to having to wait over a week compared to the Origin Premier subscribers to get into the game, early adopters will need […]

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