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Falling Out #2: The Ghost of Christmas Obvious

Given the history of Electronic Arts, the only thing I’m worried about is the date on the gravestone being too far into the future. Scenery © 2012-2013 Julien Jorge <> Gravestones: Carlo Enrico Victoria (Nemisys) & Tuomo Untinen,  Casper Nilsson, Barbara Rivera (Via Open Game Art)

EA’s Stock Is Crashing, Down Over 40% Since July

Electronic Arts just can’t catch a break. It’s been a rough year for Electronic Arts and it appears that the company’s investors are taking notice. In the last year that brought us the PR nightmare, consumer backlash, and subsequently underwhelming sales of Battlefront 2, the PR nightmare, consumer backlash, and subsequently underwhelming pre orders of Battlefield […]

[Column] EA Origin Premier Is A Value Proposition

Back when Origin/EA Access debuted on PC and Xbox, I said that it was one of the most gutsy things that Electronic Arts has done in their history next to the Origin Guarantee (refund policy) and my reasoning was pretty simple: By showing off their games in 10 hour trials before launch, EA is taking […]

EA Is Working To Restore Access To Myanmar

Electronic Arts has responded to complaints that the Origin service is unavailable in Myanmar, with Community Manager EA_Tom announcing that the company is working on restoring access to affected customers. The whole ordeal started with players in Myanmar finding out that their access to legitimately purchased Origin games had been blocked. According to ‘Champions,’ EA’s volunteer […]

EA Origin Fraud Protection May Incur Delays

If you’re looking to make a purchase in the Origin store, you may find your order delayed by up to three days. In a post released today on the Dark Age of Camelot website, Broadsword Entertainment warns that new fraud detection tools may flag purchases depending on several variables including number of codes purchased, resulting […]

EA Denies Origin Breach, Change Your Password Anyway

Electronic Arts has denied that the Origin service was the victim of a security breach, in a statement to PC Gamer. The statement comes in response to an article published earlier from a surge in users reporting unauthorized games being purchased on their accounts. “We found no indication at this point of a breach of […]

Something Big Coming From Origin Today

Something big is coming to Origin today, at least that’s what Electronic Arts would like us to think. The message above was posted on Origin’s Twitter account yesterday, at 5pm. What could it be? If it’s explosive, we’re going to guess something related to Battlefield and On the House. Just saying. (Source: Origin)

Not Massive: Dragon Age Origins Free On Origin

Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out soon, and what better way to get integrated into the series than to play the game that started it all? Dragon Age: Origins has enough content to keep you situated until long past Inquisition’s release next month, and you can grab it for free on Origin right now. The free version […]

Less Massive: Origin Sale Up To 70% Off

Electronic Arts has announced a giant sale on Origin with prices up to 70% off. The sale runs until June 16th and covers a wide variety of games and DLC packs, including both Titanfall and Battlefield 4 for 50% off their regular price. You can even get The Secret World for 50% off, so what […]

EA Introduces Origin Guarantee

Who ever heard of being able to return a digital download? The rare case on Steam, maybe, but otherwise you’re pretty much out of luck when it comes to digital purchases. Electronic Arts has unveiled the Great Game Guarantee, a new system that allows customers to return products that they don’t like, for a full […]

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