Kakao Games Invests In Frost Giant Studios

Twenty million dollars.

Kakao Games today announced a strategic investment of $20 million smackers in Frost Giant Studios. Founded in 2020 by industry veterans Tim Morten and Tim Campbell, Frost Giant Studios is currently hard at work developing their first real time strategy game. While little has been made known about the game, we are expected to see more over the course of 2022.

“The team at Frost Giant Studio have already proven they have strong development capabilities, creating beloved RTS hits in the global market in the past,” says Kakao Games CEO Kyehyun Cho. “We look forward to seeing them present their first game as a studio, and will actively work together to showcase good work through our close partnership.”

With industry veterans from Starcraft II and Warcraft III, can Frost Giant Games bring forward the next generation of realtime strategy games? We’ll find out.

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