New World Completes EU Server Rollback

Fixing problem caused by fixing problem caused by fixing problem.

New World’s European servers are finally coming back online following a long, nearly 11 hour maintenance and rollback. You see the problem is that New World has suffered a series of problems caused by fixes for previous problems caused by fixes for previous problems and you get where I’m going with this. As part of Amazon’s attempt to compensate players for lost taxes since the big November update, the game kinda accidentally gave people a whole lot of money it shouldn’t have.

Now because those players went ahead and spent that money across the game, there was no way to clean it up to only affect those players. So as a result, the EU servers are being rolled back to 12:45 CET, a little over two hours before the servers were shut down at 3 and just before the database modification went into effect. The trading post however will still be offline when the worlds come up because that’s going to take a little longer to fix. Servers may need to be restarted along with a prayer to your deity of choice that nothing else goes wrong.

Meanwhile players may find themselves unable to log in if they transferred their characters in that window between 12:45 and 3 earlier today (or yesterday more accurately if you’re in Europe). You’re also out of luck for the immediate point in time.

While testing, we discovered an issue where a small number of players who transferred between 12:45PM and 3:00PM CET are stuck in a “character_restore_failure” state. We are aware of the exact players affected and working to correct this state. We will have an update here once it has been resolved.

The good news is that no items should be lost due to the trading post being disabled, and I’d like to say that’s a big “should” on that promise.

Source: New World

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