Video: Mordhau Console Trailer

That’s for Mordhau on consoles.

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Grand Theft Auto Online Now On PS5/XSX

Now on current gen.

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Elite Dangerous Ceases Console Development

Outside of major fixes.

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Microsoft Rolls Out Cloud Gaming On Xbox

Now you can play Xbox games from the cloud on your Xbox.

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Pearl Abyss Announces Next Gen Black Desert

Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation 5.

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Retronomicon: I Tried That Intellivision Amico

Tommy Tallarico was there.

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Nintendo Confirms New Switch Model

It’s not the pro version people have been speculating about.

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Black Desert Gets First Co-Op Dungeon

Coopt that dungeon in co-op.

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PSA: Torchlight III Now On Game Pass

Play it on console and Android.

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Black Desert Extends PlayStation Free Play Over Issues

Those who started during the free play period.

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