Alganon Hits Four Year Cancelversary

As server code migrated by hand written on rice.

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Line of Defense Shows Life After Two Years

It’s nothing significant.

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Line of Defense To Split: Line of Defense and All Out War

Turns out Daybreak isn’t the only company that can split its games in half.

It’s been a while since we last heard from Derek Smart’s Line of Defense, the Planetside-competing open world shooter. According to the latest dev blog, 3000ad is wrapping up remaining features and continuing to port the game to Unreal 4 engine.

“The current focus is on improving the art assets, wrapping up remaining (the game is already content and feature complete, so there’s nothing to cut) WIP features, tweaking and debugging several items, and completing the game while continuing on with the UE4 port in parallel.”

As a result, Line of Defense will be split into two products: Line of Defense will become a session based game with up to 64 players per server while Line of Defense – All Out War will continue the persistent MMO version that has been in development for the past few years. The closed beta servers are expected to go online at some point in early 2019.

“We are expecting to push a new test build to those with access to our CBT servers at some point in Q1/19. No firm date yet. And no, we don’t expect to open the game to additional testers at this time. Those of you who already own a copy via the CBT which we ran for over a year, will retain access until final release.”

Source: Line of Defense

Line of Defense Leaving Steam


3000AD has announced that Line of Defense is leaving Steam, citing trolling and harassment from the community. In a post on the Steam forums, Derek Smart points to the lack of developer control when it comes to review bombing, the lack of proper moderators employed by Valve, and a lack of control over ratings and comments.

“You can flag a comment that blatantly breaks the guidelines. Then you get to hope that any action is taken. As I type this, there are a few of those on the LOD store page which not only have personal attacks, external attack links, entire essays attacking me – and NOTHING about the game.”

As a result, Line of Defense will no longer be sold on Steam in the coming future. Players who already bought the game will receive a second copy to be used since the Steam version will stop being updated. Instead, customers will access the game via Playfab.

According to Smart, this is not a guarantee that Line of Defense will never return to the platform.

“We won’t be the first developer or publisher to pull a game from Steam. And others have pulled a game, then brought it back later.”

Line of Defense is currently in Steam Early Access. It carries a “mostly negative” rating and is played by an average of .4 players in the last month [Source: Steam Charts].

(Source: Steam)

Derek Smart Enlists Law Firm, Threatens Lawsuit


If you haven’t been keeping up with the kerfuffle between Derek Smart and Chris Roberts, it goes as follows: Derek Smart has been a very vocal critic of Star Citizen and Chris Roberts, over the fact that the game’s funding has grown to a massive level and over Smart’s belief that the growing scope of the game cannot be realized and will not be released. Cloud Imperium Games responded to Smart’s blog posts by unilaterally refunding his Kickstarter pledge and banning his game account, despite Smart not actually posting his criticism on the Star Citizen website. CIG then accused Smart of using Star Citizen to promote his own game, Line of Defense.

Since then, Derek Smart has been amassing what appears to be a small encyclopedia of evidence against Cloud Imperium Gaming, building up to what may become a class action lawsuit on behalf of backers regretting their purchase who are unable to get a refund through the official channels. This, presumably, in addition to a defamation lawsuit hinted at by Smart regarding public statements made by CIG against Smart when refunding his pledge.

Smart is encouraging people to get in contact not just with the Federal Trade Commission over unrefunded pledges, but to contact him as well. You can read the entirety of Derek Smart’s latest blog post here, but be warned: It’s massive and contains a lot of reference links. Clear out some time in your schedule before you sit down for a look.


3000AD Reconsidering Free To Play After Weekend


Line of Defense, MMO Shooter currently in an early state of development, recently ran a free play weekend that has developer 3000AD rethinking whether or not free weekends will be on the menu for the future. Derek Smart slammed the negative reviews as “disingenuous” and criticized gamers for not reading the documentation provided, not understanding early access, and blaming the game for their low-end computers.

This will probably be our first and our last free play weekend because clearly “free” sometimes tends to attract the wrong demographic.We did this in order to test an aspect of the game that couldn’t have other wise been tested due to the fact that the paid EA tiers have no access to the F2P Starter Kit. So now that we know it works and that SteamWorks entitlement, auth etc are solid; Q.E.D.

You can read the entire announcement at the link below.

(Source: Line of Defense)

Line of Defense Combat Phase 1 Coming Tomorrow


3000AD has announced that Line of Defense’s first combat phase will hit the servers beginning tomorrow, February 25th. The update will unlock assault rifles, pistols, combat knives, and melee, with players receiving a random item from each class upon spawning into the world.

Phase 1 (of 6 planned phases which unlock various weapons, items etc) of the infantry combat is out of final internal testing and will be released tomorrow around 12PM EST / 9AM PST

For the full list of updates, check out the game’s changelog.

(Source: Steam)

MMOrning Shots: Signs From Above

LOD 2014-10-09 23-58-18-00

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from Line of Defense, where there appears to be a war going on in the stars. A star war, if you catch my drift. What I’m saying is that those clouds look like a Star Destroyer in battle with a rebel ship, which is either unintentional, a well placed easter egg, or the product of my overactive imagination.

Imagine all the MMOrning Shots every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Line of Defense Momentarily Made Free On Steam


Line of Defense went into early access last week and while the idea was that players would need to purchase one of the game’s founder’s packs to gain access, a mistake in the game’s Steam listing caused the title to be made available for free to anyone, buyer or not. The mistake was fixed by Valve, but not before several thousand players had managed to start the client download. Since the players had not purchased the game, however, they were still unable to access the servers and were thus unable to play. Several of those players then took to Steam’s review system to show their anger.

In a news piece on the Line of Defense website, Derek Smart responded to complaints, noting that while the game will eventually be free to play, the current box price is to weed out players simply looking for something new and free to toy around with.

We know that a lot of you are excited about the game; but the whole purpose of pricing this Early Access tiers this way is so that we can attract a specific dedicated crowd during the next three to four months of testing. It is a very large and involved open-world game. We’re a small indie team. For those reasons and aside from the fact that we do not have the resources, we simply don’t want to be distracted by large numbers of players who – for the most part – won’t contribute any meaningful feedback to the game.

Line of Defense is currently in early access on a heavily staggered release system.

(Source: Line of Defense)

Line of Defense Early Access Now Available


Line of Defense, the MMOFPS by 3000AD, is now available for purchase on Steam’s Early Access program. The servers don’t go live until around 10am on September 16th, you can get your hands on the early access packages for 50% off for the time being. The sale lasts until the servers go live and you can find a comparison on what each package includes at the following link. Features will be turned on one by one as early access progresses, with the final product launching free to play for all with an optional upgrade.

(Source: Steam)

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