Alganon Hits Four Year Cancelversary

As server code migrated by hand written on rice.

Alganon; it’s the game people think about when people think about a game called Alganon. November 13 marks the four year anniversary of Alganon being taken offline “temporarily” to migrate servers. And by migrate servers I mean everything but that. Now Derek Smart himself has been regularly taking to the Alganon forums over the last few years to assure people that it will come out eventually.

Problem is they have no money to achieve said relaunch as per this post from August:

The main problem, as I mentioned before, is that I don’t have sufficient resources to re-release it on my own as I am buried in Line Of Defense atm. I could sell it, but I don’t want to do that either. So I am basically going back and forth with third-parties in search of a decent partner (similar to deals made for other MMO games) to re-relaunch it because it will cost a LOT of money to do that properly.

Speaking of Line of Defense, nothing is going on in that realm either. The last dev post from Line of Defense was in October 2020. The game has essentially had nothing of substance to say for the last three years and also appears to be dead in the water. For legal purposes the game might have some “work” being done on it, as in someone’s paying rent at an office nobody works at, but by the time either Alganon or Line of Defense launch the original Planetside 2 team might be dead from old age. Actually I think some of them already are.

Bear in mind Line of Defense was at one point in early access and available on Steam, until it was removed in 2016.

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