Gaijin Doesn’t Know PR: Calls Users “Puny Beggars” On Stream

Gaijin Entertainment hasn’t had the greatest history with public relations, going back to a 2014 scandal in which a staffer attempted to extort a Youtuber. This week, however, Content Partner Manager over at Gaijin managed to rustle some feathers during a stream in which he referred to players as “puny beggars.”

The exact details are somewhat spotty, but it appears that Andrey Artamokhin (whose LinkedIn lists him as “Content Partner Management” at Gaijin), was responding to suggestions from viewers that Gaijin offer discounts for recently released content.

Artamokhin’s statement was translated below:

“I would like to say hello to those puny beggars (literal translation here) who believe that we should give 50% discount on the new stuff, good luck to you, I hope you’re OK in your nice wonderland where you get 50% discount on all goods like new iPhones, and wish you all drown in your own bile”

Source: Reddit, Youtube

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