Gaijin Embroiled In Extortion Scandal, Producer Fired


Gaijin Entertainment, developer of the WW2 MMO War Thunder, is under intense scrutiny this week after allegations that the company’s producer engaged in extortion tactics against a popular Russian Youtuber, attempting to force him into a legally binding contract carrying heavy fines for criticizing the company.

The news of Gaijin’s extortion scheme hit several War Thunder blogs, including Status Report, detailing that producer Pavel Kulikov tried to pressure a popular Youtuber Alconafter into signing a contract that would essentially give Gaijin complete control of the account. Alconafter would be required to create four War Thunder videos weekly and would not be allowed to produce any content critical of the game. To seal the deal, violating the contract would carry at ten thousand dollar USD fine per instance.

In order to force his hand, Kulikov used Youtube’s DMCA takedown system to shut down Alconafter’s Youtube account, offering to start a new account under his name and the contract. Alconafter refused.

Gaijin CEO Anton Yudintsev stepped in and has stated that the whole ordeal was Kulikov acting on his own and did not reflect on the rest of the company. Kulikov is no longer with Gaijin, according to his Twitter and Linkedin profile.

Translation: I offer my public apologies to all touched by this scandal. People have to communicate, and I broke this rule.

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