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Rant: Blizzard Robs Hearthstone Player Of Winnings To Appease China

Another day, another Activision subsidiary acting in a heartless, sociopathic manner. The Hearthstone 2019 Grandmasters took place this week, and very likely the only thing the public will remember of it once all is said and done is that Blizzard once again kowtowed to an abusive dictatorship because that sweet, sweet cash is just to […]

[Not Massive] Gaijin Throws Taiwan Under Bus For Chinese Gov’t

A game developer doing something scummy to appease an oppressive dictatorship? Must be a day ending in WHY. In the world of developers doing stupid things, if you push past the western AAA industry of Electronic Arts and Valve and make your way toward the back of the room, you might spot Gaijin Entertainment. Back […]

NCSoft’s Sales Per Region, Per Quarter, Mapped

I’ve mapped out the sales per region over the entirety of NCSoft’s financial statements, dating back to the first quarter of 2005. You’ll see that Korea makes up more of NCsoft’s sales generally than every other region combined, and occasionally even doubled. Sales in North America and Europe peaked in 2009 and have been on […]

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