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[Humble Bundle] $12 For 10 Capcom Games

The next Humble Bundle is here, offering cheap games, most you’ll want to play. Running now and continuing through the next two weeks, the latest Humble Bundle offers items by developer/publisher Capcom. In short, the list is mostly populated by Resident Evil games, including the recent remake of Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil. You’ll […]

One Year Later: Umbrella Corps Was Dead On Arrival

You didn’t need to be a psychic to tell that Umbrella Corps was going to come out of the gates and immediately crash into a brick wall, but I don’t think anyone actually foresaw it performing as poorly as it did given that its predecessor Operation Raccoon City still managed to hit 3 million sales […]

[Not Massive] Capcom Quickly Rolls Back Malware Rootkit In Street Fighter V

Capcom very quickly rolled back an update to Street Fighter V on PC meant to curb cheating on the platform. The update introduced a rootkit that, according to tech savvy users, includes a vulnerability that grants kernel-level privileges to any installed application. Capcom.sys shuts off crucial security defenses on the computer before running whatever instructions […]

Disaster Report: Umbrella Corp Is Essentially Buried

If there is any sympathy for Capcom over Umbrella Corps, you’d have to look long and hard in order to find it. Umbrella Corps, the game that was met with severe skepticism and ultimately negative reviews, appears to be dead in the waters just a few weeks after launch. According to Steam Charts, the game […]

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