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PSA: Get Gloria Victis For Less Than Five Bucks

For nearly two weeks, you can get your hands on Gloria Victis for less than five dollars. The Humble War Gamez Bundle is up and running and you can get your hands on a number of titles for more than the average price, $4.29 as of this writing, and pick up fantasy MMO Gloria Victis […]

Humble PSA Bundle: Get $847 Worth of Games For $35

The Humble Bundles seem to just keep getting better. This time around, Humble is partnering with Yogscast and a slew of developers to bring us the Jingle Jam, a massive collection of games for the low price of $35. All sales from this bundle will go to your choice of a number of charities including […]

PSA: Get The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Free On Humble Bundle

When it comes to video games, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is certainly something that was released for money. Currently for sale at $20 on Steam, for a limited time only you can pick up a copy of the 2013 XCOM third person shooter from Humble Bundle at the link below and redeem it on Steam. […]

Humble Bundle Gets Owned by IGN

Humble Bundle has been owned by gaming website IGN, by which we mean that IGN is now the owner of Humble Bundle. It will take helm of one of the top gaming charities, whose bundles have not just supplied gamers with endless piles of cheap fun, but have also supplied charities to the tune of […]

[Humble Bundle] $12 For 10 Capcom Games

The next Humble Bundle is here, offering cheap games, most you’ll want to play. Running now and continuing through the next two weeks, the latest Humble Bundle offers items by developer/publisher Capcom. In short, the list is mostly populated by Resident Evil games, including the recent remake of Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil. You’ll […]

Elder Scrolls Online Is Cheaper Than Cheesecake This Weekend

Haven’t yet given in to the temptation to buy The Elder Scrolls Online? Now is the time, frugal PC gamer, as the game is available at a steep discount on the Humble Bundle Store. There are three packages up for sale, starting out at less than $10 for the basic package with the gold edition […]

Grab MMO Goodies In New Humble Bundle

The latest Humble Bundle has arrived, this time themed around popular wiki site Gamepedia. Gamers willing to throw in some money will be come out with items for numerous titles including Neverwinter, Dirty Bomb, Heroes & Generals, and more. If you’re not looking to spend a whole lot of money, you’re in luck: The most […]

Get Trove/Devilian Goodies In This Week’s Humble Bundle

Trion Worlds is taking part in the latest Humble Weekly Bundle with a few goodies for two of their games. For this week and this week only, you can get your hands on the Humble Extra Life bundle for Trion’s upcoming ARPG Devilian. The package includes access to all Devilian beta events as well as […]

Wargaming E3 Bundle Pulls Bait and Switch, And Switch, And Switch

Wargaming is facing a consumer backlash following what many are calling a bait-and-switch on a recent Humble Bundle offer. Players who bought into the Humble E3 Bundle received digital goodies in Wargaming’s upcoming MMO World of Warships. The goods include a seven day premium pass, money, and a powerful ship called a Murmansk. As of […]

Nab Wildstar For $1 On The Humble Bundle

Wildstar won’t be going free to play until later this year, but you have the opportunity to get your hands on a digital copy of the game for just $1. As part of the Humble Bundle, all you need to do is meet the $1 minimum to receive the Wildstar standard edition plus a ton […]

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