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Arenanet Talks: Guild Wars 2 Friend/Ship Campaign

Last month Arenanet held a Guild Wars 2 campaign called Friend/Ships, asking players to send in their stories of forming friendly relationships in the popular MMO. The campaign brought in tons of stories from gamers who made new friends and even some who went on to tie the knot. This week I managed to get […]

RuneScape Celebrates 250 Million Accounts

As Runefest draws to a close, Jagex has announced a new milestone for their popular MMORPG RuneScape. Since its release fifteen years ago, more than 250 million accounts have been created. In its 15th anniversary year, this month RuneScape hit a new and massively impressive milestone with its 250 millionth account created. Over its lifetime, […]

Neverwinter’s Next Expansion Announced For August

Perfect World Entertainment has formally announced the release of Neverwinter’s next expansion: Storm King’s Thunder. Set for launch next month, Storm King’s Thunder introduces a new end-game campaign as well as a new dungeon tier and new stories based on the upcoming adventure from Wizards of the Coast. Similar to the Storm King’s Thunder adventure […]

Hero’s Song Campaign Cancelled, Funded By Investors

Backers of Hero’s Song, all three thousand of you, were surprised this morning by the sudden news that the campaign was being cancelled. Backers were all sent an email explaining that the campaign would be closed due to predictions showing that the funding would not reach its necessary levels. The campaign had lasted for six […]

Crimecraft To Add Persistent Territory Control

I love Crimecraft, even if the Bleedout campaign mode often makes me want to punch a small kitten, but the trailer for the upcoming Gangwars update carries a lot more gore and dismembered body parts than I remember seeing in-game, to which I say: Kudos! Set following the Bleedout campaign, Gangwars sees the rise of […]

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