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Mobility: MapleStory M Releases New PvP Dungeon

MapleStory M has released its latest content update and introduced a new PvP dungeon. The PvP dungeon includes two modes: Ranked and free. Ranked mode has players going head to head in 3v3 matches with tiers decided by seasonal ranking and rewards being distributed as ranked. Free mode will give you more leeway to create […]

Twin Saga Patch Introduces Five New Dungeons

Gamigo this week revealed a new content drop introducing numerous new features and an in-game event. Fans of Twin Saga can explore five new dungeons as well as collect exclusive pets as part of a crossover event with Aura Kingdom and Grand Fantasia with each pet originating from the various online worlds. Within the six […]

Neverwinter’s D&D Campaigns Return This Week

If you’ve ever been playing Neverwinter and found the game severely lacking in characters mocking your actions, you’re in luck. Beginning this Thursday and running for a month, players will once again have access to Respen and Portobello’s Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Adventurers interested in getting their 20-sided dice dirty will have the opportunity to […]

Neverwinter’s Next Expansion Announced For August

Perfect World Entertainment has formally announced the release of Neverwinter’s next expansion: Storm King’s Thunder. Set for launch next month, Storm King’s Thunder introduces a new end-game campaign as well as a new dungeon tier and new stories based on the upcoming adventure from Wizards of the Coast. Similar to the Storm King’s Thunder adventure […]

Albion Online Releases Aurelius Update

Albion Online continues to march its way through beta, with the latest update introducing multiple user-friendly features. While player vs player combat is the focus of Albion, the developers recognize that players still want traditional MMO features like dungeons. The Aurelius update introduces three new ‘safe zone hellgates,’ allowing players to raid with a safer […]

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